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Planning and protecting the people and things you love is the world of insurance. In our minds we think of it as a love story. It is your secrets of the ways you want to take care of the business you’ve built, the spouse you love, the children you adore. Those needs change over time. Some loves grow, some change in priority. But insurance, it is all about protecting what you love.

Lots of blogs speak of things that you can do little about. In our blog, we give you news you can use for the love story of your life. 

Celebrating UV Protection Month

The month of July marks UV Protection Month. It is a good time to remember that the ultra violet rays of the sunshine we love can be dangerous if we are not protected. We have all learned a lot about the need to slather everyone with sunscreen to protect skin from...

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Life Changes and So Do Your Coverage Needs

It's finally happened. Your baby is a high school graduate, and she's headed for college. Four years of sacrifices for a chance at lifetime of professional opportunity, and you want her to have that. But what if something happens to you during those crucial years?...

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Pulaski Business Begins 20th Year with New Partnership

Professional Benefit Solutions LLC has served the insurance needs of large and small businesses, self-employed individuals and retirees since 1999. During our first two decades in business, our insurance and financial planning customers were served by partners Elaine...

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Term vs Whole Life

Once you have a good idea of how much life insurance you may want to protect your loved ones in the event of your death, the next decision will be what type of insurance you may need to buy. Professional Benefit Solutions can help you decide what type of plan makes...

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Disaster Ready

What Would Happen to Your Business… If there were a flood, tornado, theft or fire? Most businesses have replacement insurance to help with rebuilding the bricks and mortar or buying news desks and computers should disaster strike, and at Professional Benefit...

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Special Kind of Love

Life Insurance is a Special Kind of Love What would happen to the people you love if you were to die? That is usually the starting point for everyone considering whether or how much life insurance they might need. At Professional Benefit Solutions, the answer to...

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Nursing Homes

Covering the Cost of a Nursing Home!If you are over the age of 65, congratulations! You made it to Medicare coverage! And Professional Benefit Solutions can help you with all your questions about signing up for your coverage, but while we are meeting, we...

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