Employers have a role to play in the every day fight against cancer. One of the most important is a provision for optional Cancer Insurance policies that allow employees to guard against what can be the financial devastation of a cancer diagnosis. Once someone has a diagnosis, it is too late.

Cancer Insurance is designed to provide a safety net between existing health insurance coverage and the uncovered costs that might be associated with cancer treatment and/or drug therapies.

There are a variety of types of Cancer Insurance policies, and we’re here to help you determine what to offer to your employees.
One of the most attractive benefits of our cancer policies is the preventative care benefit that pays cash directly to policyholders who complete certain routine annual screenings.

And, should your business have planned an event for National Cancer Survivors Day, you can register it here or find ideas for an event here.

At Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance we are prepared to help you find the right Cancer Insurance policy to offer in your benefit plan that will provide your employees with the right coverage should they (or their dependents) have a cancer diagnosis.

For help with your business insurance offerings we are happy to meet with you!