So many of us have learned this past year just how well matched we are to our health insurance coverage!

The good news is that Medicare has this time each year when Medicare recipients can make changes to their coverage to get better coverage or better pricing or both!

At Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance we urge every  Medicare recipient to take us up on our offer to help you make certain you have the right coverage for what you really need. In fact, this should be an annual event!

We often find that your needs for healthcare have changed during the year and that may mean that you need a different type of coverage than what you currently have as you head into the new year.

Even if you think you have the best plan at the most cost-beneficial price, it is a good idea to take the time to have a review of  your options. Medicare Insurance Plans  are competitive and there may be benefits included in some plans that would be helpful to you without costing additional premiums or that would save you money on your current out of pocket charges. At the very least, you will head into next year knowing you are in the very best plan for you!

It is especially important that we review your Drug Plan or Part D. Because these plans often change the exact medications that they cover, it is important to make certain that the drugs you take are covered by your plan. Pharmacies are also changing which plans they will take so it is important that your plan is reviewed to make sure that the pharmacy you prefer to use still accepts the Part D plan that you have.

Medicare recipients have until December 7 to make changes in your coverage for the following year.

There are some plans that add benefits for vision, dental and hearing. In addition to reviewing your coverage gaps in the year prior, it is also time to reassess your health status now and what you think you may need in the year to come.

For those who have Medicare Advantage Plans and want to make a change to either reinstate original Medicare Parts A and B OR who want a better Advantage Plan for the types of health needs you now have, the Open Enrollment period is January 1 – March 31.

At Professional Benefit Solutions and Insurance, we are happy to help you review your current plan and investigate and help you enroll in plans that are a better fit for your current needs.