Livvy’s Story

One poodle in a family of 4 poodles.

No health issues yet, thankfully, at age 3.

Never misses routine and preventative care per year.

Approx. $500 annually

Worth every penny. Insurance helps.

Our Pets Deserve the Best 

Pets are family members.

And just like any of us, without much warning, they have an accident or illness that requires care from the Veterinarian or Animal Emergency Room.

And just like any of us, you can find yourself wading through bills that are just staggering.

The good news is that your veterinarian can often provide the life-saving help your furry family member needs and you can have insurance to cover up to $2,500 – $2,700 of the cost. And there are also plans to include coverage for routine immunizations and checkup.

Lila’s Story

One beloved cat in a family of 3 cats.

One pretty small kidney stone.

2 antibiotics, 2 pain shots, 2 x-rays and 1 surgery.


Worth every penny. Insurance helps.