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Dental Care

The goal of keeping a healthy set of teeth and gums for a lifetime makes dental insurance coverage important. Dental Insurance is not part of routine Medicare Part B. For that reason, Medicare enrollees should invest in a Dental Insurance Policy to avoid any surprises as you go to your twice annual visits to the Dentist.

Oral health is linked to far more than keeping natural teeth healthy.Preventive care for dental and oral health is a vital part of maintaining overall health. There are correlations between oral health and diabetes and possibly heart disease. Routine examinations, preventive dental work and the treatment of tooth decay, gum diseases and diseases with the jaw make this insurance important.

Dental Facts

Why Dental Insurance?                

For Retirees, it is important to point out that Medicare does not include dental care! Just at the time when you may require more extensive dental health coverage, you will need to make certain that you include a private dental plan that is recognized by your dentist so that you do not have unexpected large financial risks during your retirement years.

Healthy Teeth Keep Retirees Independent

Unfortunately, dental problems tend to increase as we age. Older teeth develop more problems with plague and they are at risk for gum disease, receding gums, tooth decay and oral cancers. Regular check ups with the dentist and aggressive care for teeth and gums at home are the best way to keep a healthy mouth and smile.

Your Dentist may also advise you to replace some of your older fillings with newer materials. Frequently, a Dentist may advise you that older fillings have crevices that allow tooth decay to progress.

Some of the diseases that may develop with age, such as diabetes or coronary disease along with routine medications that many seniors take can have an adverse impact on oral health. The Dentist will keep an eye out for the need to provide preventive care or care for the impact of these underlying conditions.

All Retiree Insurance Options

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Part A is for everyone! We can help you sign up about 90 days before you turn age 65. We'll also help you choose the right Supplemental Policy to cover the items Medicare doesn't, such as routine visits to your health care provider, your prescriptions, medical co-pays and more so there there are never any surprises!

Medicare Advantage


Medicare Advantage Plans combine many of the insurance products you had when you were working. It could include dental or vision care along with pharmacy co-pays. Once we understand what types of coverage you need, we can help you decide whether an Advantage Plan may make more sense than buying supplements individually. Of course, we'll need to make sure that the medications you need are covered by the plan you are choosing!



Vision Insurance


Basic Medicare does not include trips to an eye doctor, yet checkups are needed annually to maintain eye health. Glasses need to be kept up to date, and the necessity for cataract surgery develop. During the open enrollment period, let us help you select the right Vision Care Policy that will cover the types of eye care you'll require as your eye health needs change.


Life Insurance



Life Insurance needs change as your need to provide for loved ones evolves over time. Maybe you have already paid off your mortgage. or maybe you owe less. Maybe you have other loans that you want to make sure your family is able to pay off should something happen to you. Perhaps you want the peace of mind in knowing your final expenses are covered. Maybe you want to leave funds for your grandchildren to go to college or to assist them as they start their adult lives. Whatever your life story – and the love story you want to leave for your loved ones – Professional Benefit Solutions can help.



Long Term Care


Nobody really wants to move to assisted living or need nursing home care. Nobody really wants home health services. Sadly, about 70% of us will require nursing home, skilled care or home health care during their life times. Long Term Care Insurance has become one of the most important investments in keeping families financially secure and assets protected. We'll help you find a plan that protects your assets and give you peace of mind.

Dental Insurance


Without Dental Insurance, a trip to the dentist can be a very expensive experience. While Dental coverage is not included in your Medicare Plan, you do have the option of purchasing a policy to cover dental care. Rest easy knowing that a Dental policy covers two annual visits to the dentist, routine x-rays and fillings along with some of the more extensive contingencies that face you as your teeth age.


Our Customers

“Before I retired, I always had dental insurance from work. I had no idea that dental care wasn’t covered by Medicare. Thankfully, when I was working with PBSllc to sign up for my supplemental coverage, they made sure that I added a Dental Plan to my insurance.”

– Charles, 2014

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