Health Insurance for Business

Professional Benefit Solutions assists Business owners, Human Resource Directors and Boards as they shop for the most comprehensive, cost-beneficial Health Insurance policies for the people who work with and for you. With the nation’s most secure insurance companies, we will customize plans to assure that the plans in which you and your employees invest provide the coverage and provider networks that meet the distinctive needs of your organization.

A Team that Works as YOUR Extended Human Resource Staff…


Professional Benefit Solutions conducts your annual enrollment meetings with groups of your employees, individuals within your company and with their dependents.


Professional Benefit Solutions provides support for the individual staff from your business as they experience qualifying life changes such as births, marriages, retirements, separations, etc.


Professional Benefit Solutions works individually with each new hire in your organization to assure they are enrolled in the benefits that meet their needs.


Professional Benefit Solutions assists your employees with questions about benefits or claims throughout the year.

A proven record of service

Since 1999 Professional Benefit Solutions has helped large and small businesses, self-employed people and retirees navigate insurance products to customize coverage that fits their special needs.

Whether the need is for Health Insurance, Vision and Dental coverage or to provide a safety net of guaranteed income and health benefits in the event of Short Term Disability or Long-Term Disability should you have an accident or illness, we are here to advise and assist.

There’s no question that if you are the benefits manager in Human Resources or if you are the CEO of a business searching for coverage for your employees, Professional Benefit Solutions has a long history of learning your needs and then customizing coverage for you and your employees that are affordable and beneficial.

We will help you avoid “junk” policies with high deductibles, ridiculous co-pays and unaffordable premiums that allow you to show coverage without being able to actually realize a benefit.

Insurance needs change all the time. There are changes due to age, new babies, changes in health status, marriages, deaths and overall need. At Professional Benefit Solutions we are watching the provider networks to assure that the doctors and health care systems in your network make sense for you and your employees.

Professional Benefit Solutions partners with you to make sure that the coverage you are paying for is the best insurance product available for your needs.

Other Insurance for Employees

Dental Insurance

Offering optional coverage for Dental Care for your employees and their dependents is often a great recruitment tool, which enables you to be competitive in attracting and retaining the employees you need to run your business efficiently and successfully.  

Vision Insurance

Like Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance Plans are some of the most popular optional benefits employers provide. Providing for routine eye exams for employees and their dependents as well as discounts for eyewear, contact lenses and even safety glasses, Vision Insurance can also be a benefit to help your recruit and retain staff.

Cancer Insurance

A  cancer diagnosis is not just emotionally devastating for the patient and their family. It is often a financially destabilizing event. Providing optional cancer insurance for employees and their dependents offers your staff the ability to protect themselves financially should cancer care be necessary.

Disability Insurance

Professional Benefit Solutions will provide benefit options for your employees for income replacement through AFLAC should they experience a short or long period during which they are unable to work due to an extended illness or injury. These funds, paid directly to the employee, allow them to cover routine expenses or other health needs as they convalesce.

Our Customers

“The Board of Directors and our CEO wanted to make sure before we renewed our health insurance policy that we had the biggest bang for our buck. The asked me to get bids on the benefit plans before we were scheduled to renew. I wanted to be completely sure that whatever we looked at changing would give us the same benefits or better.

But when I went online to look around, it was impossible to tell how anything stacked up to what we had. I couldn’t tell whether there were any providers in our area for these plans. And, to be honest, I was worried that if we made a change, it would be a huge new workload for me and the HR office to get everyone enrolled. I was also afraid that I could make a recommendation which would leave someone without the care they needed or the drug that kept them healthy.

I called Professional Benefit Solutions. They were great! They were able to show me policies that were exactly like what we had – and several that were much better. In the end, they were able to quote a policy that saved us 17% and provided a drug formulary that was much better for the needs of our people and had a wide network of providers ready to take on our employees and their dependents in our area.

They met with the Board to explain the choices. And they met with our employees to answer questions, explain the new benefits and handle the enrollment. Since then, they have met individually with each of our new hires and with our retirees to make sure that they are covered and have the benefit plans that make sense for them. And I know that they have met individually with the dependents of our staff to answer questions and make sure that life cycle changes (new babies and marriages, etc.) get updated and enrolled in the system.” – HR Manager

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