125 Tax Plans

Almost every employee pays for some portion of their health insurance coverage and/or coverage for optional coverage like vision. dental, cancer or life insurance.

A 125 Tax Savings Plan allows employees to contribute earnings to an account that can be used to pay for these premiums with pre-tax dollars. And 125 Tax Savings Plans can include other health-related expenses like medical supplies, eyewear or contact lenses, etc.

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What is a 125 Qualified Plan?

125 Qualified Plan

Establishing a 125 Tax Savings Plan is a tested way to extend significant additional health benefits to employees without adding costs to an employee’s gross income. Employees can choose to put a certain amount of pre-tax dollars into their account each year and then withdraw the funds as they pay qualifying expenses throughout the year.

The IRS also allows for changes in the amount of withholding based on certain “qualifying events” such as a change in family status, changes to other insurance benefits or coverages, etc.

For smaller businesses, establishing 125 Tax Savings Plans can give you a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining staff.

Managing the 125 Qualified Plan

Professional Benefit Solutions will facilitate the management of your 125 Plan, assuring that your employees’ deductions are managed and that the processing of their qualified reimbursements go smoothly. This seamless management allows your employees to utilize this benefit without adding a management responsibility to your Human Resources staff. 

Other Insurances for Employees

Life Insurance

Offering Group Life Insurance through your business is a cost effective way for employees and their dependents to gain a sense of security if tragedy strikes. As a benefit, Life Insurance becomes a dynamic recruitment and retention tool. We'll help you determine what to offer and help your employees choose the right policy for their circumstances.

Disability Insurance

Professional Benefit Solutions will provide benefit options for your employees for income replacement through AFLAC should they experience a short or long period during which they are unable to work due to an extended illness or injury. These funds, paid directly to the employee, allow them to cover routine expenses or other health needs as they convalesce.

Long Term Care

What once an overlooked employee benefit has come to be one of the most important in keeping families financially secure and assets protected. Nearly 70% of the population will require nursing home, skilled care or home health care at some point. Purchasing a plan while an employee is still young and healthy is a good investment in their future financial stability.

Our Customers

“One of the benefits the CEO asked me to look at was whether we could set up a 125 Tax Plan so that everyone could contribute what they felt they would need and then repay themselves tax free for qualified expenses. I had to get up to speed in a hurry and knew that it was something that would be good for our employees, but that I didn’t have the ability to organize it and manage the reimbursements inside the HR office.

Professional Benefit Solutions was able to not only set up a 125 Tax Plan for us, but they also help employees decide how much they should contribute and then they manage getting everyone paid quickly as the submit claims. This has been a great addition for our employees. PBS made my office look really good!”

– Margaret, 2017

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