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Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance

Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance LLC has served the insurance needs of large and small businesses, self-employed individuals and seniors since 1999. We offer life insurance, health insurance, dental and vision insurance, long term-care Insurance, long and short-term disability insurance and Medicare supplements and Advantage plans. Our clients can be confident that the insurance they’ve purchased provides the coverage they actually need. Our policies are backed by insurance companies with proven reputations for maintaining a roster of in-network healthcare providers who are among the very best in your region.

For Business

Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance has a long and successful track record of helping Business find the most comprehensive and cost-beneficial DisabilityHealth, Dental, Vision, Cancer, Long-Term Care and Life coverage available for your employees and their dependents. Working as an arm of your HR department, Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance takes on the enrollment process, answers the individual questions that employees and their dependents will have, updates enrollments for qualifying life changes and works with your employees transitioning from your workforce due to changes of job or retirement.  At Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance we know that each and every healthcare dollar is a precious resource and that Human Resource Managers need partners to assure that employees are able to get questions answered quickly, have seamless enrollment and orientations so that staff understand the benefits they have and appropriate monitoring to assure that the insurance plans are providing real benefits to employees and their dependents.

For Retirees

Happy Birthday! You made it to 65 and have qualified for Medicare, Supplements, Advantage Plans and you could use a policy of dental and vision and long term care! Whether you are just turning 65 or are wondering if you still have the correct plan and coverage given your changing health needs, Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance is here for you and your family! For Retirees, Medicare is a complicated network of plans. We work with you to assure that the plans you are selecting are  the most comprehensive available for the actual needs you have. Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance continues to work with you as your needs change over time so that we can change or update your benefits during the open enrollment periods as your needs change. 

Everyday, a Love Story

The real joy in our work is that every day is a love story.  We hear it in the stories told by every customer. There are the stories of “how we met” and the resulting children and grandchildren. It is the news of a babies on the way and unexpected proposals for marriage. There are the whispered prayers for a return to health for a family member. The hope for strength for a family facing an accident. They are the secrets of each person’s heart that are shared in the everyday lives they are sharing with the people they love.

We get to hear about them each time they consider how they will be cared for after someone dies. Or what will happen to that room of people who matter more than life itself if I am too ill to care for them. It is the love of new seniors who are transitioning into retirement or young people starting careers.

There are the love stories of business owners who are sinking hearts and souls into building a vibrant workplace that they hope someday will send their children and their employees’ children to college. It is the business that will support a community and nurture families who will come to share the vision of the owner and stay to build that industry to something special. It is the caring worry that they are making good decisions for all family of employees and dependents who count on them to make the right choices.

Each day, every day, is a story of love expressed in words that sometimes an “I love you” cannot fully express. It is the need to provide in times of trouble, sickness, long term disability and death. It is the drive to ensure that a family will be safe, a business will thrive, that children will be cared for and generations will have the resources that they need to care for parents and grandparents and children and one another.

It is the love story we hear every day.

– Professional Benefit Solutions

Our Customers…

“When it came time to select a medicare policy and drug plan, I felt completely confused. I was bombarded by mail from dozens of companies. I called Elaine, and she took all the time I needed to help me choose the plan that I really needed and one that I could afford, too.” 

– Danny, 2018

“Wonderful! I have received benefits that I didn’t know I had, this because of the workers there that worked so diligently for me. They are all “true” professionals! I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks to all.”

Janet, 2014

“I contacted Julie to find out how to file a claim on my cancer policy. I’d always filed for my annual wellness screenings, but I was afraid this would be more complicated. Just like always, within one day my claim was paid. That money really helped during a very frightening time. I’m very thankful I bought this policy 20 years ago. I’ve reaped years of benefits. “

– Kay, 2015

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