Most travelers are not aware that the benefits of health insurance they have at home does not travel with them on vacation. For some Medicare-covered patients, your specific plan may not cover you as you travel out of the local network in your home state. For most travelers, there are gaps in your coverage, limited or no coverage if you travel out of the United of woman walking through an airport dragging rolling luggage

Before you board your flight, cruise or jaunt across the country in your motorhome, let’s make sure that you have comprehensive medical coverage for anything (including a flair up of a pre-existing condition) when you are out of town.

These comprehensive policies are affordable and even cover a medical evacuation to get you home if that is necessary.

Choose between two basic types of policies. One covers a single trip. The other type of policy covers multi-trips and is designed for the frequent traveler.

Make sure that you have health insurance as you back your bags! We can help!