Insurance for Retirees

We bet your mailbox is just brimming with ads for Medicare Supplemental Insurance, dire words about Part B, warnings about drug costs and notices about dental and vision care. They all look so good. Glossy paper, nice happy photos, good sounding words. Who knew there were so many people so excited for your 65th birthday?!?!

At Professional Benefit Solutions we will set all those nice mailing pieces aside and start to listen to you. And after we know what types of needs you have, we will help you select the exact Medicare Supplemental Insurance programs that will allow you to move into retirement knowing you will have the care you need when you need it.

Medicare also has some deadlines that are very important. Even if you are going to continue to work and your employer provides your insurance or your spouse is continuing to work and carries you on that policy, you MUST complete your Medicare Part A information three months before or after your 65th birthday month! You may not need Medicare, but you MUST apply for it within that timeframe. Professional Benefit Solutions can help you with the online enrollment process,  and then we will discuss what makes sense to keep you covered and financially secure as you plan your retirement.

We also know that couples do not generally qualify for Medicare at exactly the same time. While we meet, we will discuss your spouse’s needs if they do not yet qualify for Medicare to develop a plan that would cover your dependents as you transition to Medicare.

There’s more to retiring than Medicare

For a comprehensive approach to insurance that protects your vision and dental health, protects your assets should you require long term care and support your dependents after your death, call us for an appointment,

Individual Insurance Options

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Property Insurance

Whether you rent or own your home you need property insurance to replace your home and/or contents should something happen. In addition, we help with insurance for any vehicles that travel on the streets (cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles) and vehicles that need insurance to qualify for financing (boats, ATVs, UTVs). And if pets are important family members or if you love to travel, we can help with insurance coverage.

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Short-Term Health Insurance


Short-Term Health Insurance Plans can provide health coverage if you are between jobs, in college,  or if you are a younger spouse or the dependents of someone who has just become eligible for Medicare. These plans typically extend for 18-24 months while you are searching for a new job, aging into Medicare or working to graduate.



Vision Insurance


Basic Medicare does not include trips to an eye doctor, yet checkups are needed annually to maintain eye health. Glasses need to be kept up to date, and the necessity for cataract surgery develop. During the open enrollment period, let us help you select the right Vision Care Policy that will cover the types of eye care you'll require as your eye health needs change.


Life Insurance



Life Insurance needs change as your need to provide for loved ones evolves over time. Maybe you have already paid off your mortgage. or maybe you owe less. Maybe you have other loans that you want to make sure your family is able to pay off should something happen to you. Perhaps you want the peace of mind in knowing your final expenses are covered. Maybe you want to leave funds for your grandchildren to go to college or to assist them as they start their adult lives. Whatever your life story – and the love story you want to leave for your loved ones – Professional Benefit Solutions can help.



Long Term Care


Nobody really wants to move to assisted living or need nursing home care. Nobody really wants home health services. Sadly, about 70% of us will require nursing home, skilled care or home health care during their life times. Long Term Care Insurance has become one of the most important investments in keeping families financially secure and assets protected. We'll help you find a plan that protects your assets and give you peace of mind.

Dental Insurance


Without Dental Insurance, a trip to the dentist can be a very expensive experience. While Dental coverage is not included in your Medicare Plan, you do have the option of purchasing a policy to cover dental care. Rest easy knowing that a Dental policy covers two annual visits to the dentist, routine x-rays and fillings along with some of the more extensive contingencies that face you as your teeth age.


Our Customers

“When it came time to select a Medicare policy and drug plan, I felt completely confused. I was bombarded by mail from dozens of companies. I called Elaine, and she took all the time I needed to help me choose the plan that I really needed and one that I could afford, too.” 

– Dwight, 2018

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