Long Term Care Insurance

Professional Benefit Solutions knows that a solid plan to protect yourself and your family in retirement includes Long Term Care Insurance. Nobody wants to find themselves in need of nursing home, skilled care or home health services, but the statistics tell us that 70% of us will need some or all of these services in our lifetimes.

The good news is that Medicare provides a 90-day stay in Long Term Care, but once that 90 days is up, you are on your own to pay for those services. In today’s dollars, the average Long Term Care facility costs between $200-$300 per day. The average number of days that people require Long Term Care benefits is now 835 days. That, obviously, is way beyond most of us to pay out of savings.

Retirees need to know that there will be no financial surprises for you or your loved ones that end in the loss of a lifetime of assets. Professional Benefit Solutions can help you explore options for Long Term Care Insurance so that IF you require Nursing Home care or Home Health services, you will have the financial resources to handle that without draining your other resources.

Long Term  Care Options

Traditional Policy

Many people have held or may now have a Long Term Care Policy that was purchased to offset the costs of a lengthy stay. These policies were often an inexpensive additional/optional benefit from an employer. And if you have one of these policies, keep it current – no matter how much the premiums might be raised! The fact that you bought them a long time ago has most likely kept your rates well below what they would cost to replace them!

However, most of the policies we review for people do not offer enough coverage to pay for today’s cost of a stay and/or they may not pay for enough days to provide the average needs that people have should they require Long Term Care.

Professional Benefit Solutions can usually find policies to add to the benefits you already have to make sure you are covered if you need the care.

IF you do not already have coverage, Professional Benefit Solutions can find policies that would give you piece of mind to pay for care should you need it.

Life Insurance Combos

A newer model of Long Term Care insurance policies combine the benefit with a Whole Life Insurance Policy. The benefit to doing this is that you (your beneficiaries) never lose anything. You will have Long Term Care coverage if you need the services and your family will have a life insurance payout if you end up never using Long Term Care or Home Health services.

These policies often make the most sense when you purchase them when you are younger and have a longer number of years to make your payments into the plan. But for some Seniors, it may make sense to invest in this Long Term Care/Life Insurance option to assure you have the benefits if you need them and that your family has the cash if you do not need the services.

Individual Insurance Options

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Property Insurance

Whether you rent or own your home you need property insurance to replace your home and/or contents should something happen. In addition, we help with insurance for any vehicles that travel on the streets (cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles) and vehicles that need insurance to qualify for financing (boats, ATVs, UTVs). And if pets are important family members or if you love to travel, we can help with insurance coverage.

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Short-Term Health Insurance


Short-Term Health Insurance Plans can provide health coverage if you are between jobs, in college,  or if you are a younger spouse or the dependents of someone who has just become eligible for Medicare. These plans typically extend for 18-24 months while you are searching for a new job, aging into Medicare or working to graduate.



Vision Insurance


Basic Medicare does not include trips to an eye doctor, yet checkups are needed annually to maintain eye health. Glasses need to be kept up to date, and the necessity for cataract surgery develop. During the open enrollment period, let us help you select the right Vision Care Policy that will cover the types of eye care you'll require as your eye health needs change.


Life Insurance



Life Insurance needs change as your need to provide for loved ones evolves over time. Maybe you have already paid off your mortgage. or maybe you owe less. Maybe you have other loans that you want to make sure your family is able to pay off should something happen to you. Perhaps you want the peace of mind in knowing your final expenses are covered. Maybe you want to leave funds for your grandchildren to go to college or to assist them as they start their adult lives. Whatever your life story – and the love story you want to leave for your loved ones – Professional Benefit Solutions can help.



Long Term Care


Nobody really wants to move to assisted living or need nursing home care. Nobody really wants home health services. Sadly, about 70% of us will require nursing home, skilled care or home health care during their life times. Long Term Care Insurance has become one of the most important investments in keeping families financially secure and assets protected. We'll help you find a plan that protects your assets and give you peace of mind.

Dental Insurance


Without Dental Insurance, a trip to the dentist can be a very expensive experience. While Dental coverage is not included in your Medicare Plan, you do have the option of purchasing a policy to cover dental care. Rest easy knowing that a Dental policy covers two annual visits to the dentist, routine x-rays and fillings along with some of the more extensive contingencies that face you as your teeth age.


Medicare Supplements

Medicare Part A is for Everyone! We can help you sign up about 90  days before you turn 65. Supplemental Policies cover the things Medicare doesn’t – like routine visits to your health care provider or medications you might need or even your co-pays so there are never any surprises! 

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans combine many of the insurance products you had when you were working. It could include dental or vision care along with pharmacy co-pays. Once we understand what types of things you need, we can help you decide whether an Advantage Plan may make more sense than buying supplements individually. AND, of course, we’ll need to make sure that the medications you need are covered by the plan you are picking!


Long Term Care

Nobody really wants to need long term or nursing home care. And nobody really wants home health services. But at Professional Benefit Solutions we know that the about 70% of Seniors will require nursing home, skilled care or home health care during their life times. 

Our Customers

“PBSllc helped my parents buy Long Term Care Insurance at the time they were actually ready to retire. At the time, it seemed like a big investment since they were both so healthy and looking forward to traveling and doing things together. But it was a smart investment. The LTC insurance has protected my mom by paying for the care that my dad now needs. My husband and I have realized how expensive this care is and are looking at buying LTC insurance for us now while we are still working and a long way from (hopefully) needing nursing home care.”

– Darrin, 2005

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