The pandemic may soon be in the rear-view mirror but one of its lessons was the real importance to people of having a comprehensive health insurance plan! Equally important are the additional benefit optional items that people can elect to have to protect them from financial disaster in the event of illness or injury. It’s obvious that health insurance alone may not cover the actual out-of-pocket costs of the care required with any given diagnosis. The need for income replacement policies to protect families financially during an extended illness or injury has become more important than ever.

At Professional Benefit Solutions & Insurance we are work our clients to explore cost-beneficial solutions to maintain a robust insurance benefit while looking at ways to help businesses manage costs for themselves and their staff. We work with businesses and retirees to make sure that they have optional coverage that can replace income or pay for out-of-pocket expenses while someone recovers from illness or injury.

For those of you who are not our current business clients, we would invite you to reach out to us for help in finding places to maximize every dollar you are spending on the benefits for your employees. We have done this every day long before this pandemic and are committed to continuing to support the workforce in our hometown and beyond.