It’s Time for a Reality Check!

May is Disability Insurance Awareness month and it is a good time to think about  how you would cope if  an accident or illness made it impossible for you to work for a while. – or to return to the work that you may have had.

Life happens! Accidents Happen. Illness Happens. While life may change, your lifestyle does not have to change at all. The difference in financial security for families is generally whether that family had long or short term disability insurance in place before the accident or illness occurred.

Short-Term Disability Insurance is designed to enable you to pay bills and routine expenses – even medical expenses associated with the disability and will cover a family for between 9 to 52 weeks. Long-Term  Disability is designed to replace a portion of your salary for periods of between 2 – 5 years. Or until someone turns 65 years of age or otherwise qualifies for Social Security Disability.

While it is always advisable to have both types of coverage, families need to make sure that they at least have some coverage. We can help you understand which type of coverage is best for you!