Self Care, Advocacy and Inclusion is the focus of Counseling Awareness Month, but the real message is to reach out for the help that you need.

The need for Mental Health care does not always mean a diagnosis of a serious illness. What it does mean is that you find in yourself or notice in those you love that they are struggling. It could be a feeling of sadness or feeling overwhelmed. It could be an inability to rest. There may be issues in relationships at home or at work.

The first step to regaining a sense of well being may be to work with a Therapist who can help you navigate your feelings and find strategies for making things better.

There are 650,000 peoples who have dedicated their lives to supporting everyone else. These Counselors offer safe places for others to find care during this very tough year. In honor of Counseling Awareness Month, we pause to thank the counselors who have offered their help to the community and support our school children and parents. And we urge anyone in need of a place to find support to reach out to the counselors who are waiting to help. We support #BurnBrightNotOut 

Feeling like you need a lift? Here’s the Spotify playlist for Counseling Awareness Month