Any senior who has attempted to navigate the Medicare enrollment process can tell you that feeling comfortable that you have found the best value for your money and the best plan for your actual needs can be harrowing. On a daily basis we assist those who are reaching the age of 65, including those who plan to continue coverage with an existing employer, to find the right resources and to make certain that they have covered their needs. But the process for a Human Resource Director or a Board of Directors for a business carries the competing responsibilities for the employees and their dependents along with the available funds in the company budget to purchase a plan that is cost effective.

While it is rarely discussed, the selection of a health plan can have positive or devastating impacts on the actual health status of the individuals it is supposed to cover. Sometimes, a seemingly benign change in the drugs that are covered by a given plan can have life altering implications for the one person whose drug is no longer included.

Beyond those decisions, the amount of data, competing plans, styles of health delivery system, the in-plan vs out-of-plan providers and facilities are a confusing mountain of information that may prove meaningful, but may not in a decision process. For example, it may appear that the new plan offers plenty of providers, but those providers may not be accepting new patients or may not even be in the vicinity of your employees / dependents ability to see them. Telemedicine could be a real access time saving feature, but only if your employees have appropriate connectivity and modem speed to access the resource.

At Professional Benefit Solutions, we understand that exploring health insurance options and the optional policies to help protect yourselves and your employees and all the dependents enrolled with your plan is probably not the way you want to spend time. Our process is designed to provide the analysis you need by taking a look at your history, understanding who your enrollees are and what their actual needs are and to provide you with options that are the best cost effective plans with you healthcare dollars and that are the most robust in what they will cover. We look specifically at drug formularies to assure that if there will be a transition from one drug to another, we are communicating early on with the insured to help them make a successful transition or to petition for an inclusion if there is not a good substitute. But we don’t stop there.

We know that Human Resource Departments are overwhelmed. Professional Benefit Solutions operates as an extension of that office. We handle all enrollment and separation/Cobra work directly with your employees.

We are happy to meet with dependents/spouses to assure that the family understands the benefits that they have. We will handle all orientation sessions for your annual open optional benefit enrollment and can help you decide what needs to be included in those options. We will work individually with those who are retiring or soon to be 65 years old to assure that they enroll in Medicare Part A at the right time – even if they are staying on the company insurance plan. And we will assist your employees with claims they may need to file for optional benefits, including optional life insurance benefits during a time of great stress and grief.

The staff at Professional Benefit Solutions knows that insurance is not central to your core business, but it is central to ours’. We are excited to have an opportunity to work with you to provide insurance benefits that will provide for you, your family and the employees and dependents that rely on you to find the best plans out there. Call us! We are ready to begin!