The new plan year begins for Medicare on January 1. We have some suggestions for you as you start the year so that you will be aware of any changes you may want to make in the 2020 Open Enrollment period that begins next November.

1. Keep a running list of what you needed health coverage for and make a note of any out of pocket expenses you incurred during the year or charges that were not covered by your Medicare Part A/Part B/ Part D and Supplemental Plans. If you travel during the year – especially if your travel takes you to the same destination, make notes about what coverage traveled with you or whether you needed to pick up additional insurance to cover you while you were away.

2. Watch your coverage for your medication (Part D). Make sure that the medications you are prescribed are actually covered by the plan you have and that your pharmacy accepts the coverage you have.

3. Make a note of the out of pocket expenses that you have for visits to the dentist, eye doctor and audiologist. If you do not have insurance for these expenses, it might prove to be cost-beneficial to add the coverage.

AND the flurry of enrollment is actually just beginning for retirees who have Medicare Advantage Plans. If you have Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage plans and want to make changes to move to a better plan for your current needs or to reinstate your original Part A and B plans, your opportunity to do that Is from January 1 until March 31!

Medicare Insurance Plans

At PBS llc, we are happy to help you review your current plan and investigate plans that might be better for whatever reason you are considering making a change.