The search for insurance solutions for companies starts with finding the most comprehensive and cost-beneficial plans. Beyond that, it is also about finding a partner that will take on the labor intensive work of enrolling employees and dependents, orienting new team members to their benefits, assistance with filing claims and claims processing and becoming a part of the HR team of the company to manage the plans. Discover the difference with how Professional Benefit Solutions and Insurance works with HR Departments.

Professional Benefit Solutions and Insurance works with your team to identify and implement insurance beyond major medical. We include all of the optional plan benefits that help you recruit and retain your staff. These include:  DisabilityHealth, DentalVisionCancerLong-Term Care and Life coverage available for your employees and their dependents.

There are also qualifying life changes that employees will have that impact their benefits outside the enrollment period, such as marriages, divorces, births, retirements and deaths. These life changes are individualized and often require meeting with your staff to find the right solutions. These are all responsibilities that Professional Benefit Solutions and Insurance takes over for your HR staff.

At Professional Benefit Solutions we know that each and every healthcare dollar is a precious resource and that Human Resource Managers need partners to assure that employees are able to get questions answered quickly, have seamless enrollment and orientations so that staff understand the benefits they have and appropriate monitoring to assure that the insurance plans are providing real benefits to employees and their dependents.

Give us a call to check out the ways that Professional Benefit Solutions can be a game changer for your business!