Each year, the week leading up to Father’s Day is known as Men’s Health Week. This year, it is celebrated from June 10-16. During Men’s Health Week we want to remind you that this is really a family issue. The overall health status of men and boys is enhanced with early recognition of symptoms and treatment.
The week is an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek help from a health provider early rather than waiting and to learn more about symptoms of diseases found in males – such as prostate cancers –as well as symptoms of diseases to which we are all susceptible like diabetes and heart disease.
Each of us can demonstrate our support for Men’s Health on Friday, June 14, by wearing BLUE for the men in our lives. More importantly, we can take time to really discuss with the men in our families how they are feeling and whether there are symptoms they are quietly ignoring.
We can also encourage them to get regular health check-ups, to update their immunizations and to make healthcare decisions that will enable us to celebrate many Father’s Days with them in the future.
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