Professional Benefit Solutions LLC has served the insurance needs of large and small businesses, self-employed individuals and retirees since 1999. During our first two decades in business, our insurance and financial planning customers were served by partners Elaine Hickman, Brenda Speer and Sue Braly.
Beginning in 2019, Elaine and Sue are focusing on insurance benefits for individuals and businesses, while Brenda is working exclusively with long-range financial planning as an advisor with Nettworth Financial Group.
Sue explained that the new arrangement created two separate companies.
“Elaine and I enjoy working with companies, agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs to design health, disability and asset protection plans for their workforce,” Sue said, explaining that they are partners in Professional Benefit Solutions LLC.
The partners said that the financial planning services and products provided separately by Brenda adds another layer of protection beyond insurance planning.
“I know Sue and Elaine will be focusing on employee benefits, and this allows me to focus on what is going on in the financial markets and how I can help our clients accumulate assets and also make a plan for those who are ready for retirement,” Brenda said, assuring that the dual companies “are still here to serve all the needs of our friends and clients.”
Elaine and Sue said that they are happy to help individual clients as they plan for the security of their families with life insurance, long-term care and cancer policies and to help them transition into retirement with medicare supplement plans.
“While insurance has changed dramatically over the years, the need for that coverage has grown,” said Elaine. “At Professional Benefit Solutions, we listen to your needs and design plans that address them with cost-beneficial, comprehensive insurance policies from nationally recognized insurance companies.”
Sue and Elaine, along with PBSLLC Agent Julie Hougland and Administrative Assistant Michelle Johns are excited about 2019 and beyond.
“Take a look at our new website for a more extensive look at what we offer, and then call us to make an appointment,” Elaine said. “We look forward to helping yet another generation of people who need the security that insurance can provide.”