A tremendous amount of protected data lives on the internet. As your company loads information about employees, customers and clients you have assumed the responsibility to protect that data. In addition, one click on the wrong email attachment can launch a nightmare of cyber attack on your business with ransomware, malicious malware and other digital horrors.

Cyber insurance is designed to protect a company or business for losses that result from damage or loss of information to networks, servers and IT systems. These policies also include help with managing the response to the attack itself and the recovery for the business from damage to its reputation or any regulatory ramifications which might result.

Some of the specific events that Cyber Insurance is designed to insure stem from

  • Data breaches due to employee malicious actions or accidental ones
  • Data breaches due to lost or stolen flash drives, hard drives, laptops or phones
  • Interruption to normal operations due to a Ransomware or other interruption
  • Data breaches following a hacking of your system which may result in the exposure of sensitive or otherwise protected data