Similar to homeowners’ insurance, a business also needs to insure any buildings in which it operates and owns and the contents of those structures. Beyond the things you can see and touch, a business also has a need to insure the people who make the business run so that if they were to make a mistake that caused harm to a client, the company is protected from financial consequences associated with that other business’s loss.

For the people who enter the business worksite, a company will also require insurance for slips, trips and falls should a visitor or guest (invited or otherwise) be injured on the property.

Additionally, to cover any accidents that injure your own employees or team members, insurance is needed for workers’ comp to cover the rehabilitation costs and recovery time during which a staff member may be away from work.

Every organization has different combinations of needs for insurance and it will be only after carefully understanding your entire business’ needs that we will recommend a package of insurance plans that will protect the company from calamities.